Admission, Policies and Procedures

MMC-CAST Entrance Examination

* Head to MMC-CAST Admission Office and take the Entrance Examination. Examination date can be scheduled via phone or walk-in visit.

Examination Result

*Admission Office will inform the student of his/her exam result thru SMS or phone call. Student may also be check for Entrance Exam Results update on the Admission menu on this website


* Qualified applicants will submit the complete requirements to the Admission Office listed below.

  • NSO Birth Certificate (Original)

  • Form 138 or Report Card (for freshman)

  • Certificate of Grades or Transcript of Records (for transferee & Second Courser)

  • Honorable Dismissal (for Transferee & Second Courser)

  • Certificate of Good Moral Character

  • 2”x2” recent ID pictures (2 copies)

  • One long brown envelope

Medical Exam

* Qualified applicants must undergo the Medical Exams conducted at Metropolitan Medical Center and will submit the results to the School Clinic for School Physician's interpretation


* Registar Office will check the Admission requirements of the student. Once complete, they will proceed to the Enrollment proper such as Assessment, Payment of Tuition Fees and Issuance of Registration Forms.