Senior High School

STEM - ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
ABM - ( Accountancy, Business and Management)
GAS - (General Academic Strand)

Home Economics

Caregiving NCII
Local Guiding Services NCII,
Tourism Promotion NCII,
Bread and Pastry Production NCII,
Food and Beverage Services NCII,

Information and Communication Technology

Computer Systems Servicing NCII,
Programming (JAVA) NCIII

Migration to New Training Regulation (TR) on-process.


  • Applicants should pass all the requirements for JHS
  • There should be no average below 75% in any of the subjects
  • Should pass all the medical (X-ray, CBC, Urinalysis, Hepatitis B screening, Drug Test) and psychological exam requirements
  • Of good moral character as certified by the HS Principal of the school where they came from
  • Should pass interview by the SHS Principal (with parents)
  • JHS Card
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • 3 pcs 2x2 pictures with name tag


File Name File Type Download