Bachelor of Science in Nursing Level II, Re-Accredited Status (PACUCOA Accreditation)

"Where you can be a GLOBALLY-COMPETITIVE Quality Nurse"

As a certified nurse, one must undergo good education and training. This is what MHCN has been known for over 30 years. MMC-CAST's goal is simple- to produce world class nurses who are intellectually equipped, technologically trained and above all, spiritually and morally upright.


We hope to accomplish our goal to produce globally competitive nurses through a fully accredited Nursing program that makes full use of state of the art school facilities, air conditioned classrooms and a highly credible and knowledgeable faculty line up.

A hands-on training immediately follows the student's education, which are conducted in any of the schools' base hospital- Metropolitan Medical Center clinical areas or in one of its affiliate hospitals and a number of various lying-in clinics throughout Manila.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program consists of the general education and professional courses that threads through the development of competencies of the student to become a nurse that meets international standards. This program provides an intensive nursing practicum that will refine clinical skills from the first year level to ensure basic clinical competencies required for a qualified nursing practitioner.

  • Ultimate health care provider
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • Quality education
  • Australian Trade Training College linkage

Career Opportunities

  • Clinical Nursing
  • Community / Public Health Nursing
  • Private Duty Nursing
  • Entrepreneurship Nursing
  • School Nursing
  • Military Nursing
  • Academic & Research
  • Nursing Informatics

Admission Process

  • Visit the Admission Office. (For new students, transferees and scholarship program application).
  • Fill out E2E slip and application form.
  • Pass the general admission exam. (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, Saturday by schedule).
  • For admission requirements, visit